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    Founded in 2007 by Christopher Stuart

    Luur is a multidisciplinary design studio working in graphics, objects, and spaces to conceptualize and develop innovative solutions that represent the clients’ brand. Under the creative direction of American designer, Christopher Stuart, the team seeks new ways to define brands, pulling from backgrounds in architecture, furniture design, product design, graphic design, and art.

    The studio combines their experience on the design side with an understanding of manufacturing processes and materials. With an in-house shop, the team is able to explore solutions beyond paper through hands on problem solving.

    Luur takes an empathetic approach when designing, and builds on this consideration for the end user to ensure that through form and function are well balanced.

    When Luur is not designing for their clients, they are working on their own line of products and furniture.

    Our Team

    We are a diverse team of thinkers, designers, makers, and do-ers!

    Christopher Stuart
    Christopher Stuart

    At the helm, Chris’ experience spans graphic, product, furniture, and interior design while also having a love and history with various art mediums.  He graduated from Herron School of Art and Design with a BFA in Furniture Design.

    Chris’s love for design doesn’t stop at the studio.  He authored his first book, DIY Furniture which was published by Laurence King in 2011 and gained international attention as it is now published in 7 languages.  He is currently finishing up part 2, scheduled for release in 2014.

    Rachel Matney
    Rachel Matney

    Rachel graduated IUPUI with a degree in Psychology and Criminal Justice. She originally wanted to do criminal field work, but her focused changed after college. Inspired by art and design, she loves being surrounded by people who can create beautiful solutions to current market problems. At Luur, she utilizes her financial acumen in all aspects of financial matters and decisions. She loves animals, traveling, gardening and fitness. She tries to implement mindfulness in everything and express gratitude daily.

    James DeChant
    James DeChant

    James graduated in 2012 from Ball State University’s Masters of Architecture program with a focus in Digital Design + Fabrication. James has a knack for making the ordinary EXTRAORDINARY and transforming creative ideas into reality. James is critical and creative and always looks to apply the framework he developed in architecture school to any creative project.


    Cy Bennett
    Cy Bennett
    Industrial Designer

    Cy recently graduated from the University of Notre Dame with a BFA in Industrial Design. Cy loves being outside and is a bicycle nut. At Luur, Cy strives to keep focus on the end user, and make sure that products function effectively while still being aesthetically pleasing. He also enjoys working with his hands and giving ideas shape while working on fun and creative projects in the studio.


    Abby Mechanic
    Abby Mechanic

    Abby is a recent BFA graduate of the Maine College of Art with a concentration in Woodworking and Furniture Design. Abby is a maker deeply rooted in craft and material. She is interested in the physicality of building, specifically woodworking. At Luur, Abby oversees the production of our furniture and interior division, all while keeping the shop in tiptop shape. She prides herself on her attention to detail and constant strive for perfection.


    Process & Material Driven Design




    / Art Direction / Branding / Advertising / Website / Packaging /


    / Industrial Design / Custom Furniture / Point of Purchase / Public Art /


    / Residential & Commercial Interiors / Landscape / Exhibit / Art Installations /



    Through graphics, objects, and space, we collaborate with our clients to define new ways of elevating their brand. It can be as simple as a logo or extend into furniture and environments.



    Our shop is an extension of our design process and lends us the ability to explore through the tangable.
    We implement many of our own product, furniture, and environment projects in house using analog and digital methods on the custom side as well as production side.  We also collaborate with other designers who need fabrication services.



    limelight_feature3 Limelight Graphic
    patternstore_feature3 Pattern Retail & Office Graphic · Object · Space
    roche_feature1 Roche Bar Object
    wholeseries_oakfeature3 The Whole Side Table Series Object
    Area_Table_1 Area Table Object
    westminster_feature1 Westminster Greenspace Object · Space
    walnut_feature1 Cutting Boards Object
    kibfeature2 Merrill Street Platform Object · Space
    ubiquitous_feature1 Ubiquitous Object
    tonallimestone_feature1 Tonal Bench: Limestone Object
    tonal_feature1 Tonal Bench Object
    ramknucklesbrass_feature1 Ram My Knuckles: Brass Object
    rammyknuckles_feature1 Ram My Knuckles Object
    pawlusdental_feature1 Pawlus Dental Space
    osb_feature1 OSBeautiful Lesser Dresser Object
    luurbuscards_feature1 Luur Business Cards Graphic
    kibbench_feature1 KIB Bench Object
    diamondsofa_feature1 Hopeless Diamond Sofa Object
    GE_feature1 GE Landline Phone Family Object
    ebuynow_feature1 eBuyNow Catalog Graphic
    ani_feature3 ANI Graphic
    alfredslab_feature1 Alfred Slab Table Object
    DIY Furniture 2: A Step-by-Step Guide


    Authored by Luur’s principal, Christopher Stuart

    diy2_feature2 DIY Furniture 2: A Step-by-Step Guide, 2014 Book
    diy1_feature3 DIY Furniture 1: A Step-by-Step Guide, 2011 Book


    dwellpress_feature1 Dwell Magazine, 2014 Print
    patternmag_feature Pattern Magazine, 2014 Print
    jolie_pressfeature1 Jolie Deutschland Oktober Issue Print
    darkrye_feature1 Dark Rye Magazine Web
    downdirtyradio_feature1 The Down and Dirty Radio Other
    srf_feature1 SRF – Schweizer Radio und Fernsehen Other
    indymontly_feature1 Indianapolis Monthly Magazine Print
    frame_feature1 Frame Magazine Print
    FastCompany_feature1 Fast Company Magazine Print
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