About Us

About Us


Luur is a transdisciplinary design studio working in graphics, objects, and spaces to conceptualize and develop innovative solutions that represent the clients’ brand. Under the creative direction of American designer, Christopher Stuart, the team seeks new ways to define brands, pulling from backgrounds in architecture, furniture design, product design, graphic design, and art.

The studio combines their experience on the design side with an understanding of manufacturing processes and materials. With an in-house shop, the team is able to explore solutions beyond paper through hands on problem solving.

Luur takes an empathetic approach when designing, and builds on this consideration for the end user to ensure that form and function are well balanced.

When Luur is not designing for their clients, they are working on their own line of products and furniture.



Graphic      / Art Direction / Branding / Advertising / Website / Packaging /

Object        / Industrial Design / Custom Furniture / Point of Purchase / Public Art /

Space         / Architecture / Residential & Commercial Interiors / Landscape / Exhibit / Art Installations /


Design       Through graphics, objects, and space, we collaborate with our clients to define new ways of elevating their brand. It can be as simple as a logo or extend into furniture and environments.

Build          Our shop is an extension of our design process and lends us the ability to explore through the tangible.  We implement many of our product, furniture, and environment projects in house using analog and digital methods on the custom side as well as production side.